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Site Servicing Plan

Site Servicing Plan

Site Servicing Plan is necessary for the building permit process for the new construction buildings or upgrade the existing building services.

Servicing Plan – Elmid Design Inc

  • A Site Servicing Plan is vital for any development project. It provides a detailed plan for the sanitary sewer, watermain, and storm systems, including critical components such as catch basins, manholes, and hydrant location.
  • The Site Servicing Plan ensures that the development meets the necessary standards and regulations, preventing water contamination, and ensuring public health and safety.
  • At Elmid Design Inc, we offer a customized Site Servicing Plan for residential, commercial, and institutional developments. Our team of Professional Engineers (P.Eng) analyzes sewer capacity, hydraulic grade line requirements, pipe size, slope, and material selection.
  • Choose Elmid Design Inc. for your Site Servicing Plan needs and experience the assurance of quality and professionalism backed by our Certificate of Authorization by PEO (Professional Engineers Ontario).
  • Our expert team also designs catch basins, manholes, and hydrant location to ensure proper drainage and easy access for maintenance.
  • In this guide, we will delve into the different aspects of the Site Servicing Plan, including the sanitary sewer design, watermain design, and storm system design.
  • This guide will also outline the requirements and regulations involved in the Site Servicing Plan and how it is relevant to engineering firms, developers, and government agencies.

Sanitary Sewer Design

  • The Sanitary Sewer Design is essential for preventing water contamination and ensuring public health and safety. It provides a detailed plan for the construction of the wastewater collection and treatment system.
  • The design includes a detailed analysis of sewer capacity and hydraulic grade line (HGL) requirements. Our experts ensure the proper flow of wastewater through the sewer system and design it with proper pipe size, slope, and material.
  •  The design also focuses on pipe slope, bedding, and invert design to prevent blockages and ensure efficient flow. Our team ensures the pipe is properly bedded to prevent damage and designs the pipe invert to avoid blockages.
  •  The proper pipe size and material selection are also considered in the design to comply with local regulations and soil conditions. The connections to the municipal sanitary sewer system are also provided for easy maintenance.
  • Our team prioritizes cost-effective and efficient solutions for our clients, analyzing the sewer capacity to handle the anticipated flow. The design is also compliant with local regulations and requirements.
  •  We work closely with our clients throughout the design and implementation process to meet their unique needs. Our focus on pipe slope, bedding, and invert design, as well as the proper pipe size and material selection, ensures efficient flow and longevity of the system.

Watermain Design

  • Watermain Design is a critical component of the Site Servicing Plan for a water distribution system.
  • Adequate water supply is necessary to ensure public health and safety in a development.
  • Determining the appropriate pipe size and length is important for the watermain design.
  • Our team selects the appropriate pipe material based on local regulations, soil conditions, and anticipated flow.
  • We provide water service connections and design hydrant location for easy access in case of a fire.
  • Our design ensures proper bedding to prevent damage and increase longevity.

Storm System Design

  • The Storm System Design is critical for preventing water damage and ensuring proper drainage. The design provides a detailed plan for the stormwater collection and treatment system.
  • Our team determines the right pipe size and slope for the storm system, preventing flooding and water damage. Catch basin and manhole design are also included for proper drainage and maintenance access.
  • Proper bedding of pipes ensures longevity and prevents damage, which our team considers during the storm system design.
  • The storm system design also includes the pipe invert design to avoid blockages and ensure efficient flow.
  • We prioritize the use of appropriate pipe material and compliance with local regulations and requirements in the storm system design.
  • At Elmid Design Inc, we commit to providing our clients with efficient and cost-effective solutions, prioritizing their satisfaction in the design and implementation process.

Requirements for Site Servicing Plan

The Site Servicing Plan ensures that a development meets the necessary standards and regulations. it includes a key plan, north arrow, topographic survey, and horizontal offset requirements for the servicing plan.

The Site Servicing Plan also ensures compliance with local regulations and requirements, including:

  • Proposed service connections, including the mainline invert and obvert, invert of service connection at the property line, identification of pipe length from mainline to the property line, material, diameter, and slope, and Invert of proposed service connection shall match the obvert of the existing mainline sewer.
  • A minimum 2.5m horizontal offset between water service connections/hydrants and sanitary or storm service connections
  • Water box must be located outside the driveway
  • A storm service connection with sufficient frost cover must be provided if a storm sewer exists in the road. Storm connections shall not connect to private or City catchbasins.
  • A schematic detail drawing of the sump and/or ejector pumps, if required, for storm and/or sanitary, respectively. An ejector pump must discharge into a sanitary service connection. Where there is no storm sewer in the road, the sump pump shall discharge water at grade at the rear of the house.


1. What Defines a Site Servicing Plan?

Initiating our discussion, a Site Servicing Plan fundamentally acts as a construction project’s blueprint. It meticulously maps out essential components such as sewers and water pipes. Consequently, this strategic placement ensures adherence to vital regulations, fostering a functional and efficient building environment.

2. Why Does Sanitary Sewer Design Hold Paramount Importance?

Transitioning to another crucial component, the Sanitary Sewer Design emerges as a guardian of water purity and public health. It orchestrates the flow of waste with precision, preventing contamination and promoting a healthy community environment. Thus, it plays a vital role in maintaining ecological balance and public well-being.

3. What Components Enrich the Watermain Design?

Advancing to the Watermain Design, this segment optimizes a building’s water supply. It meticulously crafts pipe structures, ensuring a consistent flow of clean water. By doing this, it aligns with local regulations, guaranteeing a robust and reliable water supply system.

4. How Does the Storm System Design Operate?

Moving forward, the Storm System Design unveils its protective strategy against water damage. It masterfully manages rainwater, directing it efficiently to prevent floods and preserve the building’s integrity. Therefore, it acts as a robust shield, safeguarding structures against potential water-related damages.

5. Which Rules Guide the Site Servicing Plan?

Navigating through regulatory frameworks, the Site Servicing Plan adheres to a diverse array of rules and guidelines. These regulations, ranging from local laws to specific building codes, ensure the meticulous planning and management of various construction aspects, promoting operational excellence.

6. What Makes Elmid Design Inc.’s Strategy Distinctive?

Exploring customization, Elmid Design Inc. adopts a unique approach in crafting their plans. They infuse each plan with tailored solutions, aiming not just to meet but to exceed client expectations, fostering an environment of innovation and satisfaction.

7. Where Can You Find Elmid Design Inc.?

Concluding our exploration, Elmid Design Inc. resides at 13025 Yonge St, Unit # 201G, Richmond Hill, ON. Here, a realm of expertise and innovative solutions awaits, ready to transform your construction visions into tangible realities.

Geographic locations that we service:

Our Licensed Professional Engineers specializing in Engineered Site Servicing Plan offer the best-engineered Servicing plan to obtain site plan approval and building permits in Ontario, including a wide range of municipalities. Each area boasts unique features and requirements, making our tailored approach essential for success.

Toronto and Surrounding Areas

In the vibrant heart of Ontario, we service Toronto (City of Toronto) and surrounding areas. Additionally, we cover Oshawa (City of Oshawa), Pickering (City of Pickering), and Clarington (Municipality of Clarington). Furthermore, our expertise extends to Ajax (Town of Ajax), Whitby (Town of Whitby), Brock (Township of Brock), Scugog (Township of Scugog), and Uxbridge (Township of Uxbridge). 

Halton Region

Moving to the Halton Region, our services encompass Burlington (City of Burlington) and Halton Hills (Town of Halton Hills). Also included are Milton (Town of Milton) and Oakville (Town of Oakville). 

Peel Region

In the Peel Region, we provide services in Brampton (City of Brampton), Mississauga (City of Mississauga), and Caledon (Town of Caledon). 

York Region

Our services in the York Region cover Vaughan (City of Vaughan), Aurora (Town of Aurora), and East Gwillimbury (Town of East Gwillimbury). We also cater to Georgina (Town of Georgina), Markham (City of Markham), Newmarket (Town of Newmarket), Richmond Hill (City of Richmond Hill), Whitchurch-Stouffville (Town of Whitchurch-Stouffville), King (Township of King), and Bradford-West Gwillimbury (Town of Bradford-West Gwillimbury). Each municipality here offers a distinct setting, requiring our specialized approach.

Other Southern Ontario Cities and Towns

We also serve many other cities and towns in Southern Ontario. These include Hamilton (City of Hamilton), St. Catharines (City of St. Catharines), Niagara on the Lake (Town of Niagara on the Lake), Brant (County of Brant), Cambridge (City of Cambridge), Kitchener (City of Kitchener), Waterloo (City of Waterloo), and Woodstock (City of Woodstock). Furthermore, we operate in Guelph (City of Guelph), Centre Wellington (Township of Centre Wellington), Shelburne (Town of Shelburne), Orangeville (Town of Orangeville), New Tecumseth (Town of New Tecumseth), Essa (Town of Essa), Collingwood (Town of Collingwood), Wasaga Beach (Town of Wasaga Beach), Barrie (City of Barrie), Midland (Town of Midland), Orillia (City of Orillia), Ramara (Town of Ramara), Minden Hills (Town of Minden Hills), North Kawartha (Town of North Kawartha), Kawartha Lakes (City of Kawartha Lakes), Peterborough (City of Peterborough), Selwyn (Town of Selwyn), and Brighton (Municipality of Brighton).

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